Chicago, Illinois to Salt Lake City, Utah via Amtrak - Summer 2024

Come take the trip that Olivia and Lilly missed out on...and experience your own genetic genealogy adventure!
Based on the #1 New Release - Off The Rails: A Genetic Genealogy Cozy Mystery
Does the key to unlocking the decades-old identity of an unknown man lie within the faded fabric of a postal uniform, a rugged pair of overalls, or the intricate strands of his DNA?

In this captivating cozy mystery entwined with historical fiction, forensic genetic genealogists Olivia and Lilly embark on a relentless quest to piece together the fragments of a cold case from 1983 spanning the United States.

Armed with their expertise in genetic genealogy, they delve into the man's ancestry, leveraging the power of DNA to trace his lineage. As they travel through the forgotten corners of history, their hearts are tugged by the poignant story of a man abandoned and left to anonymity.

With each breakthrough they come closer to identifying the unknown man and unlocking the long-hidden secrets of his past. Will their expertise in genetic genealogy bring them the answers they seek? Join them on their journey to find out!
Current Itinerary

During our adventure, you will travel one way from Chicago, Illinois to Salt Lake City, Utah taking the same route as our unknown John Doe. View the fabulous countryside, dine, and rest comfortably on the rails.

Once in Salt Lake City, go off the rails and attend a 4-hour training session with nationally recognized Forensic Genetic Genealogist Christine Burke who works daily with the police and people identifying persons of interest. 

If that's not enough, we've got more genetic genealogical gold because you can visit the FamilySearch HQ and other fabulous record repositories during  your stay. 

More details on the offsite activities coming soon!

The Train Trip

The train, The California Zephyr, leaves Chicago's Union Station and arrives in Salt Lake City, Utah during the 34 hour trip.

There are multiple seating options, such as Coach, Roomette, and Bedroom. Coach is unreserved seating and has no access to the dining car. It does offer snack-bar, cafe type items for purchase. The Roomette is shared, and offers meals in the dining car with a shared bathroom outside of the berth. The Bedroom berth has its own bathroom and full meals in the dining car.

Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah

Spend 3 nights at the Holiday In Express downtown. 2 double beds, with 24 hour indoor pool, hot tub, sauna, fitness center, guest laundry, free high speed wireless, and breakfast included.
Current Pricing

Bronze: $1,100 per person shared hotel, individual unreserved coach seats on the train

Silver: $1,495 per person shared occupancy on the train and in the hotel

Gold:  $2,180 per person shared occupancy on the train and in the hotel

Pricing does not include travel to Chicago's Union Station or return travel from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Package includes hotel stay in SLC for three nights, meals and transportation excluded.