Do you know what a call to action or CTA is? If you are in business you should!

This blog post came to mind, as many do, when I saw ignorance (?) in action. Or shall we say inaction?

Recently, while at a very well attended and private invite only event, I had the opportunity to speak with very experienced (so they said - and what I had heard) professional development coach. I had been interested in possibly working with this person, because coaches need coaches too, and had approached to learn about services.

This person began to talk about themselves (which is good) but it became a bit over the top when they kept pulling out books and cards and all sorts of material to point out how great they were. This continued for many minutes and, frankly, I was overwhelmed with the "advertising" and could not get a word in edgewise to understand the opportunities (products or services) that might exist to work with this person. Instead, I left and went on to my day.

I later received a call from this person to share a business idea that they had, which they told me I should be doing, and that they wanted a cut. This person told me that they had proposed this idea to several people but none of them had bitten. This person was talking AT me and did not take the time to understand what MY want or issue was.

After this "strange" conversation, I then, the next day, received two emails with videos, multi-colored highlighted sections of texts and links to videos, etc, about this person and THEIR accomplishments and personal hobbies. At no time did I receive any information (and maybe it was hidden in the multiple lines of text) about what I should do NOW - i.e. the CALL TO ACTION.

The call to action can be something like setting an appointment, signing up for a newsletter, registering for a webinar, buying a book, downloading a free report or watching a video that leads to a BUY NOW or LEARN MORE button.

This person had 3 attempts to engage me, to understand my issue, problem or want, and provide an opportunity to engage them in their services and yet they did not. Having the full attention of a potential new client is priceless, especially when they are in front of you, on the phone or might be visiting your website.

Are you ensuring that each opportunity with your existing or potential clients is providing a call to action? I suggest a review of your web pages, emails, blogs and social media to evaluate whether you can add or change a promotion. 

As I am writing this, I am reminded that just a few days ago I was talking to a colleague. We were discussing their NEW program and how to best get it out to the market. I knew they had a drip email program for a few courses (I had signed up) and NONE of those mentioned the new course or even the subject's books. BAM! Get that right in there. The easiest "sell" is to a warm list or an existing or past client. 

If we can help you formulate a CTA for your website, new product or existing list (here it comes) EMAIL US or catch us on Social Media!!!!!