Have you ever gone to eat something or drink something and it tastes funny or the texture is off? You go, "Ick" or "eeew", and then you look at the label and you were supposed to shake it or mix it well. Your marketing plan requires a mixture too, for your sales and profitability to be successful and for you to reach your goals.

Frequently I am in an Insight session with a client and I ask, "Are you doing X, Y, Z, W..." and so on and they look at me with either shock, frustration or a "really?" and I follow up with a yes. 

Just like a good recipe, shake, or prescription, the ingredients all have to be there and they have to interact with each other in some fashion in order to obtain the best outcome. It is not just face-to-face sales, networking, cold calls, and emails. It requires social media, digital marketing and companion and complementary processes.

When you sit down for us at an Insight session, we do ask you the truth about what you are doing, what you know how to do and what you plan to do and most of all, what you don't know how to do or what you HATE doing. That's where we come in. Your Outsourced Marketing Guru will determine where you can do better and figure out a most pain free solution. Lot's of times we are able to provide education so you are able to demonstrate this new skill or we can put you in touch with another client or business who LOVES doing what you don't. Too, we can always do it for you!