We have all heard of the 30 second or elevator speech. You might also know it as your pitch.

How do you describe what you do? Do you find yourself having to explain more? Possibly it is because your business name or message does not adequately convey a quick insight into your business.

Too, you may have a message that is focused on something other than what your client wants. Many times we have opportunities to interact with those that may not be a customer or client of ours, but may know some one. In order for them to do that, they need to understand what we do and who we are looking for.

The clearer we are able to convey what we do and how we can help, the better off we will be. Remember that emotions are involved in selling and highlighting the benefits is a must.

Have you created a message or reviewed your pitch lately? If not, here are some helpful prompts:
  • I am a (title or niche) 
  • Who helps (target audience) 
  • By (how you deliver)  
  • Overcome (a specific problem)
  • So they can (deliverable or desirable result)
You don't necessarily need to include all five but choose the most impactful areas and those that fit the particular audience.

Happy Yapping!!!!!