I was just having lunch with a fellow female entrepreneur. We were discussing the differences between men and women in business. We talked about the "Good Old Boys" club and the ways that men do battle in business and can remain friends and the way that they network - usually through sports or the golf course.

It seems more often than not, and others have tended to agree, that women are not able to play nice together and support each other or refer each other, like men do. Too, in business, women tend to play it nice and expose their feminine side more, foregoing the money. 

I thought that it was important to evaluate this as we were discussing in my networking meeting this morning - as one woman put it, we are in business to make money, and we do need to focus on that. I believe that as a female entrepreneur and business owner, it is permissible, and most importantly, necessary, to ensure that we look out for number one, speak our truth, ask for the compensation we deserve and also support other women along the way. According to the laws of Abundance, there is enough for everyone.

What do you think? Have you experienced this? Do you ask for your fair share or do you play it nice?