If you are like me, you spend considerable time in your car on the road. Hopefully you will not be talking on the phone without a headset, or texting, but instead going over all of those things that you need to do. This happens to me and it's usually on the way to an appointment and Voila! I come up with a great idea or strategy or else something that I had already forgotten once, pops into my head.

A few years ago, I had sticky notes in my car so that I could write dates and times on my papers as I worked on them. At one point, and I don't remember how, I didn't have a place to "stick" the sticky and I actually stuck it to the plastic on my dash, where the speedometer and odometer were. It worked great! In my truck I had a lot of space so that I did not crowd out the odometer or any critical information. Now, in my car (ick) I still have room when I cover the RPMs. It is the most awesome thing, especially when you NEED to remember to go to the bank, get gas or pick up milk (or maybe your kid!).

I love it and I can write and write and write and I don't worry about "forgetting" when I go into my meeting. When I come out - it is right (no pun intended) there waiting for me at eye level. I can go onto my next task and then I take the stickies down when I am about to get out of the car at home and I take them into the house with me. I then have my little "to do" list.

I hope that this may help you stay a bit more organized and remember those pesky details. Let me know what you think?