Just being a regular 'ole person is tough enough but being a business owner too can sometimes bankrupt you - not only monetarily, but physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. While we were working on our vision boards yesterday with Judy, we talked about what we were seeking in the next few months as well as what we were trying to avoid. One of those things was support and positivity (to get) and negativity (to stop and avoid). 

In the chart above, Judy described the support needed for balance in all areas. Upon review, we realized that we were lacking in one or almost all areas. And, the fact that no one can necessarily fill this for you - although they can help you find it for yourself. Inside the circle, if I am explaining it correctly, is where you should fill yourself up or look to support or people in your life that do so. On the outside of the circle, you should list those that don't do so, and take steps to change this or eliminate them from your life if you have to.

If you find yourself needing clarity or support in these areas, please reach out and get yourself a Guru.