We had a fun time yesterday working with Judy Richter, LMT of Pure Light Therapies as we got together with other business owners to work on our vision boards for the next few months. Judy gave us the "Bagua Map" which is drawn above and is supposed to also represent your office and/or your house.

The "map" is comprised of 9 quadrants and you should fill you board with images and sayings that will help you focus on your goals in that particular area. From the top left and across, then zig zag down and across and then down and across to the lowest row: Weath and Prosperity (purple, blues, reds), Fame and Reputation (reds, oranges, fire elements), Love and Relationships (pinks, reds, whites), Family and Physical Health (greens, floral, stripes, wood element), Spiritual Health and Well Being (yellows, earth tones, earth element), Children and Creativity (white, pastels, metal element), Knowledge and Wisdom (blues, greens), Career (black, water element), Travel and Helpful People (grey, silver). At the bottom should be the entrance wall of your house and/or your office. 

I am not done with mine  yet, I have to glue all of the pieces on it.